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The Passionate Skeptic site at is in basic html, and has been building for around 20 years. It has thousands of links and is really too big to modernize properly. Nevertheless it contains lots of good reading. This thormay2 WordPress page is an alternative portal into that material. I will gradually expand direct links into more interesting content of the original site.

A few years ago I also began to transfer sections of to different blogs page by page. It was taking forever. There are probably better tools available now. Anyway, links to those blogs are pasted below (they are mostly not up to date).

About 147 of the articles, technical papers, stories etc originally on have been duplicated (as of early 2019) in an repository where they attract much wider circulation. See


  1. Plain & Fancy Language House (editing

  2. Language tangle: predicting and facilitating outcomes in language education” (Thor May’s PhD dissertation, hosted at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

  3. Thor’s Unwise Ideas

  4. Thor’s Short Cuts

  5. Thor’s Language & Teaching Notes

  6. Thor’s Videos & Recordings

  7. Thor’s Australian Spaces