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[Provided to China Daily]" border=0 hspace=0 alt="Expert feels killers' pain" align=center src="cts002170196e1c0f1084dc51.jpg" width=381 height=500 md5="" sourcedescription="?????????" sourcename="????"><BR><FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt" size=1>Li Meijin is one of China's top criminal psychologists and a controversial figure thanks to her comments about understanding the minds of killers. [Provided to China Daily]</FONT></DIV></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"Although criminal offenders are seen as demons in the eyes of most people, I just tried to make more understand that the bad guys had gone through pain and desolation before they turned bad," Li said.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Yao Jiaxin, a college student in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, went on trial on March 26 charged with stabbing a cyclist to death after knocking her off her bike with his car last October.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>In a recent TV interview, Li said Yao's behavior could have been related to miserable experiences during his childhood. Her comments were attacked by many netizens.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Li said during the TV program: "Yao had been forced to practice the piano against his will and he used to smash at the keys to vent his anger.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"His behavior of stabbing the victim eight times could have been a mechanical repetition of him hitting the piano keys."</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>When the interview was shown on China Central Television, it drew the ire of netizens who criticized Li for her "protection" of Yao.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Online commentators said Li was finding stupid excuses for his alleged crime, which showed disrespect to the victim and seemed to suggest Li saw the killing as art.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>She said her critics were getting it all wrong.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"I did not, and I cannot, find excuses for anyone to avoid punishment under the law," she said. "It is up to the judges to issue a sentence. My charge is to find out why a college student would unhesitatingly kill someone he had never met before in such a cruel way."</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"Psychologically, the point is, why would he stab her as many as eight times?" Li said.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"He must have been letting off his anger toward something that had influenced his life in the past."</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>According to reports, Yao's father had been very strict with his only son and had forced him to practice the piano incessantly.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Yao's confession claimed he had been locked in the basement when his piano playing had not met his father's expectations.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Yao eventually passed the Grade 10 Piano Test (the highest in China) and enrolled into a music college in Xi'an.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"Playing the piano requires good technique. Some people may enjoy the wonderful feeling of art in the practice, but some hide their anger," Li said. "As a result, I believe that knocking someone down was the blasting fuse that lit the bomb of his anger and led to the killing."</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Li, who is a professor of criminal psychology at the Chinese People's Public Security University, has studied the criminal mind for almost three decades and has spoken to suspects.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"The majority of them had some problem with their early education that created a certain vulnerability in their minds," she said.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Li studied philosophy in the early 1980s but was more interested in crimes committed by young people when she graduated from university. The phenomenon was a growing problem at the time.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"Under the family planning policy that allows most families to have one child, many parents pinned all of their hopes on that sole child," she said. "They turned arbitrary toward their children to force them to realize their dreams but neglected the most important thing -- to give love and care to their children."</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>On Nov 27, 2009, suspect Li Lei allegedly killed six family members in Daxing, Beijing, including his 2-year-old son before running away.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Li was arrested on Nov 28 and told police he killed his family because his parents were "too tough" and his wife "too domineering".</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"Based on Li's words, I guessed Li had been spoiled by someone other than his parents when he was a child and returned to live with his parents after he went through puberty," Li said. "Otherwise, a child would not feel his parents had been too tough."</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Media reports said Li Lei lived with his grandparents until he was 10 and returned to his parents when his grandparents could no longer control him.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Criminal psychology is widely used to crack criminal cases by narrowing the field of suspects but psychological evaluation is not used as evidence in court.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Li said her insights help her understand that there are usually victims other than the main one in criminal cases.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>"I feel bad for the victims but I also feel sorry for the killers because they ruin their own lives to let out their pain," she said.</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>&nbsp;</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>------------</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>Comments</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left>&nbsp;</P> <P style="FONT-SIZE: 14px" align=left><TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">lily 2011-04-19 07:26</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>I respect Meijin Li allthe time, and she's the real expert.I don't think she mean to help the killer by publicizing such analysis. Her work is to study the psychology of the criminals to help people know the origin of the problem ,thus the similar things could be avoided. It is just a science. <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">Carlos 2011-04-18 23:43</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Chinese laws never stand with the victims but always to help to find the excuse for the criminal. No matter the poor childhood or scared memory should not confirmed the reason for murder. 90's minds always generate deviation of morality and the society must to reflect on itself. What changes? human? no, benefit view ? maybe, Society? Surely.<BR>Meijin Li, is only a hypocrite of justice. Shamed for you <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">Meggie 2011-04-18 23:15</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>what if the killer is a son of humble family and the victim's family is rich and powerful? would you find these ridiculous excuses for the killer? shame on you! yao jiaxin must die! <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">NANDINI 2011-04-18 23:06</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Yes,the criminal should get a chance of counselling for his/her treatment. If the criminal can afford him/herself its good otherwise can ask help from the welfare state. BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VICTIM. VICTIM WOULD NEVER WANT TO SMELL THE STINCT OF THE CRIMINAL.<BR>After treatment if s/he does not change that means all excuses were to gain popularity and get sympathy after the mask fell down. <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">gr 2011-04-18 17:05</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Li Meijin did NOT condone the act of killing. All she is saying is that there are external causes for the young man's behaviour, and it is usual human in nature. She is saying, look at ourselves, our behaviour towards others. Amy Chua's "Tiger Moms" can be easily abused by many simple minded women who are already practising similar abusive behaviour with many thinking it is "tiger mom's".<BR><BR>Psychology or human behaviour should be a study made mandatory for all Chinese citizens above 18 years so that they become better people, better values, better characters, and more understanding. No one size fits all. <BR><BR>Abusive mothers like abusive dog owners, can create monsters. We are the potential monsters. Sometimes even our mothers need understanding to prevent them from becoming monsters. Some should not even be mothers. They are too unstable and dysfunctional to be parents. They themselves need "parenting".<BR><BR>So, those who just jump on the anti LiMeijin be aware. Your impulsive behviour defines you. <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">Teacher M 2011-04-18 16:04</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>This is the type of subject that should be aired, as there will be a wide range of views. The fact that this eminent criminal psycholgist has incurred the wrath of many people is not surprising. As a psychology graduate I can understand her determination to look for root causes. The fact that psychological evidence is not accepted in the trial process indicates that any 'sympathy' one might have for the criminal is not considered in evidence.<BR><BR>It is right and proper that people are held to account for their crimes. After all, this is what society demands of the criminal justice system. By attempting to research the underlying causes we may have a better understanding of the 'criminal mind' - obviously, after the event!<BR><BR>As far as I'm aware there is no test that can determine at an early stage with 100% accuracy, whether someone is evil; will become evil at some stage in their lives; or will commit a heinous crime. It's the nature/nurture argument and she has looked at the 'nurture' aspects. This concept was partly explored in the movie "Minority Report" starring Tom Cruise, where a Pre-Crime Unit was tasked to prevent crimes happening and incarcerate people,who they predicted (using "muses") would go on to commit a crime. Until we have such a test, psychlogists and criminologists will seek to explain human behaviour.<BR><BR>If you read what she has actually said she is not condoning criminal behaviour, and expects the rule of law to take its course. If some people escape from justice because of their position in society, then that is another topic for discussion and not the focus of this article. <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">Simon 2011-04-18 14:56</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>I believe there are two issues here both of which we have to deal with: one, punishing the terrible crime that was perpetrated by the killer; and two, getting to the root cause of why it happened. If we only do the first, we will continue to react to such crimes without really understanding why they happen and without knowing how to prevent them happening again. <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">joebush 2011-04-18 13:10</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Li Meijin said:''His behavior of stabbing the victim eight times could have been a mechanical repetition of him hitting the piano keys.''<BR><BR><BR>Li Meijin could know when she should do what she had said as one of top criminal psychologist.if at that time Yao Jiaxin had been sentenced and taken into prison,i would have preferred you than your case study. obviously not,Madam Li is ugly in her mind to attempt to influence the trial.<BR>it's unbeleivable Madam has studied the criminal mind for almost three decades and then vented her stupid coclusion on this case. the criminal psychologist, me too,make sure that Yao Jiaxin only is the top game boy for Grand Theft Auto, and his behavior of stabbing the victim eight times could have been a mechanical repetition of him hitting the computer keys. <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">john 2011-04-18 12:57</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>i hear this crap in Canada all the time . and they go to court and get off with next to nothing maybe a year or two.then they get out and kill again .. best yet if you are under 18 you get a youth sentence and that means probation or max 3 years in a Canadian hotel jail.at least here in china i can walk down the streets at night try that in edmonton where they kill you for a smoke and that is a fact.try waiting for a bus in edmonton if you are a woman .you just get raped and then beaten to death and then they only get 5 years in jail . why because they had a hard life . they were disciplined by their parents. <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD width="4%" align="right"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">GOD 2011-04-18 11:17</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Maybe somebody you will be killed by someone, please feel the killer's pain that he want not to die.<BR>another question is that who will pay more attention to these victims? no experts will care about their lives because they are from the lower class of this society&nbsp;<BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR></P></DIV></DIV></BODY></HTML>