On November 4, a Zhengzhou newspaper questioned a 12 million government budget for dog administration.  The reporter was told to contact the Department of Finance.  When the reporter met with director Wang who asked him: "Are you a Communist Party member?"  This became an instant Internet popular phrase.

Officialese appears very often, especially recently.  I am happy to find that linking many of these famous sayings leads to a good skit:

Citizen: There is something that I would like to ask you about ...

Official: Which unit are you from?  (Source: National Diving Team director Zhou Jihong to a reporter asking him about the fixing of gold medals at the national sport games)

Citizen: This ... I am ... according to international custom, I am a "citizen"; according to Chinese custom, I may just be a "laobaixing" (=ordinary person) ...

Official: Are you a Communist Party member?  (Source: Zhengzhou City Department of Finance Extra-budgetary Administration Urban Construction Bureau director Wang Guanqi to the reporter asking him about the 12 million yuan for dog administration)

Citizen: This ... Do I have to be a Communist Party member in order to speak to you?

Official: Are you speaking on behalf of the Party? Or on behalf of the people?  (Source: Jingzhou city department director Lu Jun)

Official:  You people court for fart!  You dare to challenge me!  Watch how I deal with you!  (Source: Shenzhen Customs Department Party Organization Committee secretary Lin Jiaxiang who put his hand on the shoulder of a young girl.)

Citizen: I wouldn't dare!  I only want to find some government information ...

Official: You want open information.  There is no information here that can be disclosed!  (Source: When the young man named Wang Qing went to the local government to ask for information, an official told him this.)

Citizen: But citizens have the right to know ...

Official: So do I have to tell you if I want to take a crap!  Do I have to tell you whether the feces stink?  (Source: A cadre said that at a press conference about traffic re-organization in Huangpu district, Guangzhou city.)

Citizen: .... (fainted while foaming in the mouth)

Official: The incident has happened.  What do you think should be done?  ... You should know that you will have to live around here ... (Source: Henan province Yichuan citizen Chai Dianbo was arrested by mistake and assaulted by the police.  After the story was exposed, the police visited the citizen and issued these words of sympathy.)