Is China Hiding Its Real Population Figures? If So, We Have a Problem

Red China is a somewhat secretive nation; communist governments are generally like that, as controlling information also helps keep control of the society and people. The World believes that China has 1.3 Billion People, this is what the Chinese Government has been telling us, but is that true? Ask anyone in the know from China and they will tell that there are really 1.7 Billion.

If so, the figures are only off by 500 million, which should concern anyone right? Well, consider if you will that Mexico has 180 million and the United States an estimated 308 million. Are you beginning to see why it matters? This means that the instead of 6.7 Billion Humans on the planet there are 7.2 Billion, which totally messes up all the estimates. What should be done about this?

No, I am not suggesting eliminating in currently living humans, just making a statement about the problems when dealing with foreign governments and working to solve world problems, when and if they lie to the world. And, since I cannot prove this one way or the other, and I am relying on the citizens of that nation, who are in the know, well, I though you ought to know what I've learned.

We know China has hidden from the world its military buildup, disease outbreaks, and even the stability of the Three Gorges Dam, which could turn out to be the worst man-made disaster in human history when it collapses. We need truthful dialogue on all levels if we are to allow China to reach Super Power Status. It's time to come clean, just do it, China will be much better off in the long run. Think on this.