Previously, the Jiangning district, Nanjing city, Jiangsu province Housing Administration director Zhou Jiugeng was exposed on the Internet for smoking "sky price" cigarettes that cost 1,500 RMB per cartoon.  As a result, he was dismissed from this job.  The evidence had been a photo of Zhou attending a meeting with a pack of those very expensive cigarettes in front of him.  Of course, netizens also researched the Constantin Vacheron watches that Zhou was wearing.

A new photo has now drawn attention.  The photo came from a meeting of the Ningynag (Shandong) government.  In front of the leader was a plate with four cigarettes in it with no cigarette boxes visible.  These cigarettes are now known as the "naked cigarettes" (no box = no clothes).  Netizens think that government officials are getting smarter and therefore protecting themselves.

Based upon the name of the official (Wang Qian), the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter was able to contact Wang Qian of the Ningyang county (Shandong province) party standing committee and organizational department.  Wang confirmed that he was the individual in the photo.  He was surprised at the Internet reaction and speculations around this photo.  He said that he seldom pays attention to the news and has never near of the name Zhou Jiugeng until the reporter called up.  He said that he does not pay attention to details such as the brand of cigarettes being provided.

The Ningyang county publicity department that there was a new strategy after the Zhou Jiugeng case.  A publicity department worker said that this has the way for five yars.  However, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter found two 2007 meeting photos at the same Ningyang city government website in which the cigarettes come in boxes.

Yesterday evening the relevant controversial photos were scrubbed from the website.