(Apple Daily)

A video about an incident in the Shanghai Subway Number One Line quickly became popular on the Internet.  A fashionably dressed female passenger wearing sunglasses sat, peeled and ate an orange while dropping all the peels on the otherwise very clearn floor.  A man in a suit sitting across her noticed that and asked her to stop.  She cursed him out instead.  So he began to use his mobile phone to call the police.  When the train stopped, the woman got up and tried to get out.

"Don't go!"  An elderly couple sitting across her got up and blocked her to prevent her exit.  "You pick up all the orange peels before you leave!"  The old man ordered while the old woman patiently advised: "Young people must not be so uncivilized!"

"What are you doing?  I want to get off!"  The young woman did not appreciate their efforts and started to curse them out.  The man in the suit joined in and the four people jostled for a while.  Other passengers also chimed in against the young woman.  Finally a tall man wearing a white coat silently picked up the orange peels and "asked" the young woman to get off whereupon she fled.  The old woman was still heard to be complaining.