Wal-Mart Workers Beat Customer To Death

At around 7pm on August 30, 37-year-old Yu Xiaochun went to make purchases at the Wal-Mart supermarket in Jingdezhen Plaza.  When she walked out of the supermarket, she was followed by four male and one female Wal-Mart employees.  They accosted her outside.  A male employee demanded that she show her receipt to them, so she showed it to him.  Since they were not in uniform, she began to suspect that they may not be employees of Wal-Mart and therefore she took her receipt back.  A dispute occurred which led to a physical altercation in which the five assaulted her.

According to information, the eyewitnesses at the scene did not intervene beyond advising the five to stop.  When Yu Xiaochun's relatives found out and rushed to the scene, she already was lying on the ground and coughing out blood.  The relatives called the police even as they got down on their knees to implore the five employees to stop hitting her and rendering medical help instead.  The five ignored the pleas of the family and refused to help.  When the police showed up, the five fled scene.  The relatives put Yu Xiaochun into the police car which sped to the hospital.  At the hospital, the doctors told the family that Yu was in critical condition.  She passed away on September 2.  The police have apprehended the five Wal-Mart employees, two of whom have already been placed under criminal detention.

It has been more than one week since the incident took place.  Wal-Mart has given no explanation to the family of Yu Xiaochun.  Her husband Chen Baolin is extremely angry over this.  The elder brother of Yu Xiaochun pointed out that when the family met with the police to receive an update, nobody from Wal-Mart bothered to show up.  The person in charge of this Wal-Mart store has made no comment on the matter on the grounds that he needs directions from the Shenzhen (China) and USA headquarters.

The failure so far of Wal-Mart to make a public statement on the case has infuriated the citizens of Jingdezhen.  Citizens believe that as a top 500 corporation in the world and an international brand trusted by people, Wal-Mart should be able to perform better in customer service.  Supermarket employees should not be assaulting a customer, much less beating her to death.