Headline: Average annual salary of 246,000 yuan -- the financial industry returns to the top of the chart

A comparison of annual corporate salaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen showed that Shanghai lists first at an average annual salary of 217,000 yuan.

Furthermore, the breakdown in Shanghai by employee grade was as followed:
21,000 yuan: operations staff
38,000 yuan: junior specialists
68,000 yuan: specialists
120,000 yuan: administrators
210,000 yuan: managers
380,000 yuan: general managers
680,000 yuan: C-suite (chief executive officers, chairmen of the board, etc)

Okay, how would you reconcile the grand average of 217,000 yuan with the averages for the several grades?

(21,000 + 38,000 + 68,000 + 120,000 + 210,000 + 380,000 + 680,000) / 7 = 216,7000.

Of course, this is wrong as the numbers of people by grade are not equal.  Instead, there is only one chief executive officers, some managers and a lot of operational staff (such as receptionists, janitors, etc).  Thus, the average annual salary is not the straight average of seven numbers.