Campus Mistresses: College Girls, Pampering and Sex

Mar 19, 2009
Edited and translated by eChinacities staff

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Photo: tamtay

Outside top flight colleges all over China expensive cars are parking by the campus gates. It seems like everyone is waiting to pick someone up. Some, of course, are parents who’ve come to see their children, some are friends, but some are middle aged business men waiting to collect their mistress.

These girls, most of whom are from ordinary backgrounds use the system of older men picking up a college girl to use at the weekend as his mistress as a means to gain money and other luxuries that would otherwise be way beyond their reach, but is it worth throwing away their youth like this?

These girls are not only some of the prettiest and most attractive girls on campus, but are often some of the most confident and intelligent. They are looked up to and admired by other students who more often than not remain unaware of the full extent of their spare time activities.

A wealthy male student told reporters that it is becoming more and more popular for older men to want to have a pet college girl of his own. In fact, the student said that several of his father’s friends had approached him asking if he could help them find a girl in his year for them to ‘make friends’ with. He reportedly refused these requests.

Whilst the number of college girls living as mistresses is relatively small and the better the college the fewer you find, still the trend is increasing. Another male student reported an older cousin asking him to help find him a girl. The student knew of a girl in his class who had just had a bust up with her ‘boss’. She expressed interest in meeting up, but a short time later when the date was arranged said that she had already settle down with a new ‘boss’.

Photo: roodo

The majority of these men are very rich, and for some of China’s most wealthy it is common to keep a mistress, especially a college girl. Most men prefer college girls because they are simple and uncomplicated. A man can call on her every now and then to have fun together with and relax – a retreat from the pressures of the World.

College girls are also the perfect choice because they come with very few strings attached. They are unlikely to cause trouble, because the second word gets out then they will be expelled from university. Plus, due to their economic situation they often don’t feel like they have a choice, something they mostly rectify upon graduation by leaving the guy behind.

A third reason that college girls make good mistresses as opposed to just any woman is that a university student brings the man a certain air of sophistication. By showing off his college girlfriend to his friends he gains kudos in the fact that she is a girl of some breading.