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BEIJING: The Spring Festival began in China on Saturday as 1.3 billion people got ready to celebrate the start of the Year of the Tiger on


Over 10,000 temple fairs and thousands of other public events including fireworks shows, lantern exhibitions, official and corporate events will take place in the coming 10 days. The Public Security Bureau, which handles all security, said it has made elaborate arrangements to ensure the safety of people across the country. It was “ready to handle emergencies to prevent serious accidents” during the Lunar New Year festivities.

The government tried to drive some fear in the hearts of criminals by releasing data on its crackdown.
The government is particularly worried about gangs of organized crimes even after the judiciary sentenced dozens of them to death and long-term jail terms during recent weeks. Special arrangements have been made for security at railway stations as millions of people are traveling to their native villages during the holiday season.

The Lunar New Year festival is the most important annual Chinese festival, with family reunions, much fun and plenty of feasting.

China calls the holiday the biggest annual movement of people in the world. The ministry of railways has estimated that 210 million passengers will ride the rails during the 40-day New Year travel season, up 10% from last year. The holiday officially lasts six days, but many workers take up to a month off.