Girls seek marriage with street show

15:48, March 11, 2010  

On Women's Day this year, 8 girls with colorful masks handed out leaflets on a street in Guangzhou. They only gave the leaflets to male passers-by, and said "eyes on me" to them in gentle language at the same time. Guess what they were doing? Yes, they were advertising for life partners.

Soon, all the leaflets were handed out. If you think that was the end the whole thing, then you are wrong. With the rock music they played, the 8 girls started to dance. 20 seconds later, their movements were getting hotter. They started to take off their clothes and only left underwear to cover private parts.

With so little clothes on, they did not stop their dance instead continuing to flaunt their slim figures with vigor. At the same time, they held some boards with slogans reading "Believe in Sister Phoenix, Gain confidence", "Catch time to love in short youth", "Post-90s, you are too young for us", "My mother presses me much on marrying, so brother, please marry me"




Although they are not yet married, the 8 girls do not think they are "leftover girls". Actually, their lifestyles are relatively good compared to ordinary people; they have high incomes, educations and positions.

According to the girls, they are still not get married because they ask too much of future life partners. One of them told reporters "Sometimes, men would step back when they know what we've got. We really hope they can be brave enough to court us."

For those male passers-by, they could stop and watch the girls dance and their brave behavior, but when asked whether they would consider marrying one of them, most of them gave a negative answer. However, there were still some men who would like to think about the proposal after being attracted by girls' hot figure. contributed to the story

By People's Daily Online