Recently, Lanxiang hacked Google and came to the attention of the US National Security Administration.  When the hack was exposed by the New York Times, Lanxiang suddenly became famous.  Actually, I am not surprised at all.  As a Lanxiang worker, I know many things.  For reasons of national security, I cannot tell all.  But I will tell you the following.

1. Lanxiang is not as simple as in the television ads that you have seen.

2. Lanxiang does have a military background.  The five schools Lanxiang, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, National University of Defense Technology and Shanghai Jiatong University are involved in a major national defense project whose purpose must be kept secret.  Not just any institute was allowed to participate.  Tsinghua has the means, Harbin Institute of Technology is the big brother of national defense technology and engineering, National University of Defense Technlogy is the big brother of military schools and Lanxiang provides the secret base.

Shanghai Jiatong originally did not qualify.  However, it was able to join through the efforts of an alumnus (you don't need to ask who!).  We are mainly responsible for electronic interference and Internet warfare research.  I cannot go into too much detail.  Peking University and the Beijing Institute of Technology applied to join but they were turned down.

3. Lanxiang has eight specialty areas.
Numerical control is actually robotics.
Cuisine is actually the manufacturing of chemical weapons and defensive measures.
Automobile repair is actually manufacturing robots and heavy war machines.
Excavation machines are actually advanced robotics.
Cosmetology is actually disguise and tactical deception.
Welding is actually design of laser-based and high-energy particle weapons.
Wireless is actually electromagnetic monitoring and early warning systems.
Computers ... no explanations are necessary.

4. Although Lanxiang is good in computers, it is not necessary what it is best at.  The four best disciplines at Lanxiang are numerical control, automobile repair, excavation and welding.  Computers are ranked somewhere between fifth and seventh, but Lanxiang is already unmatched in all of China.  By the way, we invented the Galaxy computer.  However, due to the need to maintain secrecy, we gave it to the National University of Defense Technology.

5. According to what I know, the best tank in China was secretly developed by the automobile repair department.  Due to national secrecy considerations, credit was given to other universities instead.  The welders work mainly on welding satellites and rockets, but they are not as good as Harbin Institute of Technology.  For this reason, the leaders are very upset.  Therefore, the teachers in the Welding Department are under a lot of pressure.  Last year two of them quit, one to become a professor at the Imperial College, London and the other to Taiwan.  The government tried to stop them.  One general exclaimed that the person leaving for Taiwan was equivalent to five army divisions.  However, the action was unsuccessful due to interference by the CIA.

6. The government had considered letting Lanxiang join the 985 project, but the Central Military Commission vetoed it because the best instruments of the state should not be revealed.  In Lanxiang, many teachers did not agree either, because it would be a major dishonor for a secret and excellent institute such as Lanxiang to be listed along the side of second-rate institutions such as Hunan University, Chongqing University, Huanan Institute of Technology and so on.

7. The current "Hacker Gate" was a surprise, because it came as a result of a romantic quarrel between a teacher and a student (who was a graduate student named Ying from the Northwestern Institute of Technology and has been here for two years) fell in love with the same female student.  The teacher threatened to fail the student.  The student begged for mercy.  The teacher said that he would pass the student provided he hacked Google.  The result was ...

8. In China, many things cannot be revealed to the outside because of national security issues.

9. I can only say this much, because I would be invited to have tea if I say more.

10. Our slogan to the outside world is: A cook who does not want to be a hacker is not a good chauffeur.

11. Recently, we have seen the slogan: "Shanghai Jiatong rules in the south, Lanxiang rules in the north."  Many of my colleagues felt deeply insulted because these two schools are not in the same class.  Lanxiang may occasionally take a glance at Cambridge University, Oxford University, Harvard University, Yale University, can't think of what other university? ... So when someone said "Shanghai Jiatong rules in the south, Lanxiang rules in the north," our instruction director was crying bitterly: "Forget it, forget it, who asked us to assume the disguise of a vocational school? ..."

WARNING:  To eliminate any misunderstanding, this is SARCASM.