Poll shows public discontent on neo-wealthy

By Zuo Likun (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2010-02-08 20:17

A recent online poll indicated 59.5 percent netizens think negative of the county's neo-wealthy who shoot to fame on the annual rich lists, the China Youth Daily reported.

As for the reasons behind their business success, 68.9 percent netizens believe the new-rich have, or at least are good at securing, government connections. 12.7% netizens cite the economic reform and loose policy as a propeller, while only 9.3% contribute business strategy and personal struggle as a factor, according to the survey conducted by Sina.com and magazine People's Forum.

Despite of the public discontent over those billionaires, it's a general trend that the group of new-rich will continue to grow during economic booming times, Wu Bi, a financial writer said.

The swelling dissatisfaction may derive from the impression that the growth room for the general public has dwindled and it's harder to get rich now than before, Wu said.