Illegal petitioning: you'll be sorry for the rest of your life

Illegal petitioning: first time, warning; second time, detention; third time, labor reform

Sternly stopping pestering, harassing and unjustified petitioning
Illegal petitioning will be punished

When I saw these three photos, I had to wonder if they were taken in China.  If so, then I wonder when the state apparatus of our socialist country has turned petitioning citizens as targets of suppression.  I perused the Constitution of the People's Republic of China and I read the State Council's regulations on petitions.  When citizens petition, they are expressing their demands to the government departments.  What do they mean by pestering petitioning, harassing petitioning, unjustified petitioning or illegal petitioning?  If they really broke the law, their act would not be petitioning.  So where did "illegal petitioning" come from?

Upon further thought, this is not so strange.  In recent years, more citizens are petitioning.  Government performance reviews have to face with the pressure for "zero petitions" and "one vote to veto."  Therefore, many layers of "advice against petitioning" and "stopping petitioning" have become important tasks for local governments in search of "stability."  These three photos represent advice to citizens not to petition, using extreme language: if you petition, you won't meet a good end.  If I think that you are petitioning illegally, I can detain you, reform you via labor and make you sorry for the rest of your life.  This reflects the attitude of certain local government officials who regard petitioners as troublemakers as well as their ability to mobilize the state apparatus against the people at will.  Can whoever created these banners be still considered public servants?