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<BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD align="right" width="4%"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">Paul 2011-05-27 19:40</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Another option would have been to have a price cap on the products these people produce. This would mean the products they would produce would be more expense but it would give then a good income to develop their life style. The local government could have invested heavily in safety project instead of building estates.<BR><BR>Some would say it does create a large cheap workforce for the Provence. <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD align="right" width="4%"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">654 2011-05-27 19:12</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>it should be down step by step <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD align="right" width="4%"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">Nanyang Chinese 2011-05-27 17:43</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Not all money spend on real estate is bad, even in time of high inflation. Rather than letting these people living in poverty and facing poor employment situation. It is better they are given new opportunity to start afresh. That is what development is all about. Who will want to live in a place that is known for its low GDP and continue to be the "poor" cousins of an increasing prosperous country? <BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR> <TR bgcolor="#dddddd"><TD align="right" width="4%"><IMG src="http://comment.chinadaily.com.cn/images/btn_face.gif"></TD><TD width="96%">Lee Wang 2011-05-27 17:13</TD></TR><TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Relocating people due to natural disaster is a clever way to provide money to the real estate sector and bypass the state tightning policy. Later they will proudly mention the surge in GDP in their region.&nbsp;<BR>&nbsp;</TD></TR></P></DIV></SPAN></DL></BODY></HTML>