Virgin with C cup breasts is required for job as tea picker

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From Netease | translated by Julie | edited by Key

 Is it true or some kind of publicity stunt that the qualification for a job as tea-picking worker is being a virgin with C cup breasts? The shocking job ad of Henan Gushi Xijiuhua Mountain Development Company had triggered heated discussion among netizens. However, the recruiter responded that it was indeed true due to  inherited customs.

The daily wage of a full-time tea-picking worker is 500 Yuan

On April 14, a talent recruitment website of Xinyang posted an ad that Henan Gushi Xijiuhua Scenic Mountain Development Co., Ltd. was to recruit female full-time Kouchun (mouth and lip) tea picking workers who were supposed to have never had any sexual experience with at least C cup breasts. What s more, the body of the candidate is not allowed to have any scars and injuries or other marks.



According to job requirements, the candidates should pick Kouchun tea everyday in adherence to the established date of spring tea, and they were supposed to clean their mouth and body on time everyday, and to have physical exercises as well. The daily wage is as high as 500 Yuan. After the job description went public, it was reposted onto many major forums and triggered heated discussion.

"Is it recruiting staff or dating? Why such strict  requirements?" Some Internet users believed that the company recruitment was too "shocking" and "not credible and it may be some kind of self-promotion or a publicity stunt.

 The requirements are quite extraordinary. They are really awesome and forceful! Some netizens were shocked.  It was the first time to see such recruitment that required virgins and large breasts, it was really beyond comprehension.

 They did not ask the candidates to have any working experience but also required them to have never had any sexual experience. This is too ridiculous. Some Internet users criticized the recruitment violating personal privacy, a great insult to their dignity.

The Kouchun Tea picking Show

On April 14, reporters found this recruitment information on the official website of Henan Gushi Xijiuhua Scenic Mountain. They are also hiring other positions like tea-fryer, sales representatives, tea-artist teachers and others.

Responding to public opinion, Li Yong, spokesman of the Gushi Xijiuhua Mountain Scenic Area told the reporter that it was indeed true about the recruitment. According to Li Yong, from April 16 to May 18, this area will hold the first  Xijiuhua Tea Bamboo Cultural Festival", among which "virgin Kouchun tea-picker s performance will play a part in the activity.

According to the legend, Xinyang Maojian tea growing in Jigong hill was called "Kouchun tea. When the tea was brewed with boiling water, from the mist nine fairies will appear and then vanish away one after another. If one drinks it, one would feel refreshed and relaxed, and it can cure diseases.

 The recruited 10 tea-picking women will have a performance on the Bamboo Tea Cultural Festival, which is intended to pass on the historical heritage and customs. The tea they pick will be tasted by the visitors or go to auction  , told Li Yong.

However, Ouyang Daokun, general manager of Xinyang Lu Yu International Tea City and also a renowned expert of the Chinese tea industry thought the explanations were questionable. He believed that "Kouchun tea" is, after all, a historical legend. Company that uses this for publicity stunt is in bad taste.

Some more background on the  mouth lip tea picking:

It is also said that at the beginning of the last century, some Chinese tea sellers experimented with the idea of  tea in front of breasts. Virgins at the age of 16 were asked to start picking leaves in the middle of the night and put leaves into their clothes between their breasts. When they finished their work before sunrise, the leaves should have absorbed enough of the virgins body scent, and could make great tea. This practice phased out even before it ever had the chance to become widespread.

The hiring company expects girls they hire to keep tea leaves in their mouths before making tea out of them. Virginity and curviness are selling points the company exploits to convince customers that such tea is of yin (femininity) and purity.

Pickers are asked to gather tea leaves by their mouths and spit them into a  holder placed between their breasts