On May 8, Henan province, Yanshi city State Land Resources Bureau director Li Junhu told the team of peasant laborers: "So what if you contacted the news media?  Didn't we fix the several teams that came previously?  What is so big deal about People's Daily?  Although they don't drink our water, they don't smoke our cigarettes, they don't eat our food and they don't live in the hotels that we arranged for them, it does not matter because they are news media in the final analysis.  Even if something goes wrong, it is the former director who will be accountable.  It has nothing to do with me.  Besides, I have already visited the provincial and city Land Resources Bureau and I have made reports to the city government leaders.  Let me tell you.  We have fixed the accounts of the bureau back in 2005.  It is flawless.  Even if the Central Disciplinary Committee shows up, we are not afraid.  Whoever spends state money is not spending it!  It is a real joke for a few peasant laborers to bring us lords of the land down!  As long as the cadres in our bureau do not reveal that we each got 30,000 RMB, nobody can do a thing!  The accounts do not indicate this.  The judiciary department will only check the account transactions and they do not check the planning, design and construction details.  They don't check the allocation of the money for the reclaimed land.  If you want to sue the government, you should arrest the former director.  We are presently reporting vertically upwards and the local government can't do a thing about us.  Didn't People's Net reported this already?  They are just electronic garbage.  All the reporters for People's Net are assholes!  Hasn't the Yanshi city party secretary talked to us already?  Didn't I manage to fix things?  We have no troubles whatsoever.  I cannot be rated in the same class as other bureau directors!"

After presenting the accomplishments of director Li, I must make a special statement: "I sincerely praise director Li for his delightful words.  He did not play hide-and-seek with the public.  Instead, he punctured another piece of Chinese reality in a thoroughly satisfying manner.  We know that any government official who talks this way is committing career suicide.  So I have serious doubts whether director Li wants to be a 'human suicide bom' in officialdom (note: thus bringing down many others)."