UOW enhances collaboration with Zhengzhou

Jun 07, 2005

The University of Wollongong?s strong research association with Zhengzhou University in China continues to develop with a recent agreement formalised to collaborate in the delivery of an offshore program at Zhengzhou?s main campus in the undergraduate area of Computer and Telecommunications Engineering.

Vice President of Zhengzhou, Professor Yuling Zheng, and Vice Head of the College of Information Engineering, Professor Kianxi Chen, recently visited UOW to formalise the agreement.

Zhengzhou University, elected as one of the top 100 universities in China, is a comprehensive university under the administration of the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education.

The University has over 44,000 students and over 5,000 academic staff. The institution consists of 39 schools and four attached hospitals, offering 86 undergraduate and 131 postgraduate programs. It currently has over 147 research institutes and interdisciplinary research centres including ?The State Centre for Engineering Research?.

The collaboration will involve academic staff from UOW?s School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (SECTE) in the Faculty of Informatics, including Faculty Dean, Professor Joe Chicharo and Senior Lecturer, Dr Jiangtao Xi and will involve the delivery (in English) of UOW?s curriculum in the Bachelor of Computer Engineering and the Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering at Zhengzhou University.

International Manager in the Faculty of Informatics, Mr Bill Damachis, said that all students attaining the necessary academic standard and English language requirements in the first three years of the two programs would then be enrolled in the final year of the program as UOW students in Zhengzhou.

?This is the first time that UOW has entered into such an agreement in the People?s Republic of China,? he said. ?All subjects in the final year of the two programs will be taught in Zhengzhou in an intensive mode by UOW staff and academically supported by senior staff from Zhengzhou.

?The Faculty of Informatics will appoint a senior academic from SECTE to coordinate and monitor the program via regular visits in collaboration with the International Office of the faculty.?